Losing Control

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Losing Control

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 07, 2016 1:41 am

"It is a terrifying thing to see" Lilith whispered as Alec ghosted through the hall past her and Shea.

"Try not to worry so much. She would never betray us, of that i am certain." Shea sighed with her arms crossed in front of her as she leaned against the cold metal wall behind her.

"That was not my implication. It is terrifying to see her eyes like empty husks when...even though we only knew her for a scarce few months before her abduction, those same eyes were once filled with such passion, heat, and playfulness...It is like watching the eyes of a human when they take their last breaths and their soul departs their bodies." a shiver rode Lilith's body at the thought.

Shea didn't have much to say about it. The look in Alec's eyes had both haunted her, terrified her, and saddened her beyond any sorrow she'd ever known. It was like Alec had died in the fiery pits of the inferno and a soulless zombie had taken her place.

"All we can do is stand by her side as she goes through her struggles." Shea's lips dipped in a sad frown.

"What if its not a phase? What if this is how she will be always?" Lilith mournfully whispered back.

"Then she has earned that right. She has more than earned it" Shea's voice echoed in the narrow hallway as her heart broke into a million pieces for the tortured and broken soul behind the dead eyes.


Damien growled low in his throat as Alec passed him in the hall without a second glance or hitch to her stride. If he was expecting a snarky response or even a small hiss, he was going to very disappointed.

"Acknowledge me Princess, or you will be very sorry for the disrespect you give me." he hissed between clenched teeth when Alec continued walking as if she was a thermographic camera and because he didn't show up as a heat signature on her radar, he didn't exist.

He caught up to her in a flash and grabbed one of her arms as it hung and swayed at her sides with every step of her heels against the tiled floor. He whipped her around, which she didn't physically attempt to keep him from doing, and whatever verbal scolding he planned to give her died on his tongue as he got his first real glimpse of her since her return.

Her arm instantly fell from his hand as if it had caught on fire. His eyes were wide and his face seemed almost transparent so you could see the opal crystals he was made of glistening beneath, due in part because he was already too ivory in color to pale any further.

The unspoken question lingered in hallway

What did he do to you?


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